Good Looking Out with Karen Civil

In today’s market of immediate access and instant gratification, it can become difficult to pursue your dreams when you might not get the love that you were expecting. We are also at a time when the internet has given everyone the access to becoming a global business with a few clicks and a simple backend setup on their website.

Below we take a look at budding entrepreneurs working to get to that next level in their businesses in the new series entitled, Good Looking Out with media maven Karen Civil.

Are you that person who just needs a little advise to be directed closer towards the future of your dreams? Watch and take some tips from veterans in their respective fields. In the first two “episodes” of the new web series Karen Civil advises two Africans looking to take that next big step in their business.

In the first episode, Karen, with the help of Gary Vaynerchuk and Ryan Leslie advises CHISA EGBELU & KAYLA JACKSON on their higher education funding app.

in the second episode, Karen, with the help of Yu-Ming Wu and Tarik Baker advises Damilola Adepoju on his shoe brand.

From the looks of things these two entrepreneurs are on the right track and just have to push through to get to that next level!

What do you need to get to that next level? Who are you looking to for guidance in this new entrepreneurial landscape?

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