Charles Okocha aka Igwe 2pac aka Amoshine has created a music video for his now viral saying, “I deserve some Accolades.” In case you live under a rock, a couple months ago, Charles put up this video on social media basically proclaiming that he’s paid his dues and deserves some accolades for all the work he’s been putting in.

Since then, thousands of people, including celebrities, influencers, and radio personalities, have put up their own spin on the video and it has been really entertaining to watch. Well now Charles has released a song under his “Amoshine” moniker and I have to say–it’s pretty damn good. Actor, comedian, social media mastermind and musician–could he be our very own Donald Glover in the making?!

Directed by Clarence Peters and featuring Wonda Tha Hypeman, watch the visual below!


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