Am I the only one that is shocked about this collaboration? Phyno has been quiet lately as his last album, The Playmaker, came out in 2016. Even though he recently appeared in Wale’s “Staying Power” video, I never thought these two would work on a song together – a good one at that. They are both great artists in their own regards but sometimes when musicians  have such polarizing rapping styles, it doesn’t always result in a cohesive product. This time however, Wale and Phyno both float effortlessly on this track, produced by Iambeat, and it deserves a few spins. Phyno talks his shit while Folarin mentions his love for an Igbo girl and of course can’t hop on an African song without saying the word “Wahala”. Ha. Could this mean Phyno is prepping for an Album rollout? We hope so.

No sleeping on a bicycle, peep the track below.




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