In Protest of Murders Ugandan Activists Place Coffins Outside of Parliament

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Murders and kidnappings are on the rise in the East African country of Uganda and the people are growing anxious daily over security concerns. To protest and shed a light on the rising tide of abductions and sometimes eventual murders, activists have placed coffins in front of the Ugandan Parliament building in the capital city of Kampala.

Ugandan Police say over 40 cases of kidnappings, demanding ransoms, have occurred in the past four months–usually targeting women and children. If the ransoms are not met, sometimes the women are also sexually abused before they are killed. The people are fed up with the lackadaisical response from Ugandan authorities towards combating this issue. While wearing shirts and carrying signs that declare that “Women Lives Matter,” activists share that the coffins are symbolic of the murders of those abducted.

In contrast, the Ugandan Police Force, has stated that they have increased efforts to fight this issue but many of the kidnappings are fake and setup by the people kidnapped just to demand money from others. Ugandan police spokesman, Emilian Kayima, told CNN that, “People are now making it a habit to stage their own kidnap for money. These are the majority of the cases. But even then, we have charged the perpetrators to court because we must discourage it, or else it becomes a business.” Hopefully, they find a way to resolve this issue.

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