This Week in Nigeria

Please don’t let the World Cup loss or Davido winning a BET award distract you from real issues.

It really does seem like Nigeria is a cursed nation. Every week, we hear about a tragedy or scandal, a politician stealing money, or senseless violence. This week has been no different. Earlier this week, more than 200 people were killed in Plateau State. This incidence stems from religious disputes the nomadic Fulani herdsmen, who are mostly Muslims, and farmers, who are predominantly Christians. The youth decided to organize a protest but turned bloody as they broke into the Government House, threw stones, and damaged some cars. To retaliate, the security personnel started shooting live ammunition back at the protestors.

Midweek, we learned that beloved artist, Dbanj lost his 13-month-old son to a drowning accident in his residence. The reason this is important is because some reactions on social media show the lack of empathy some Nigerians have. Some even went as far as attacking the mother or blaming them for the death.

The lack of law and policy is one of Nigeria’s biggest problem when it comes to organizing and implementing change in regulations. At least five people were killed at Bodija abattoir market at Ibadan when a security team detailed to enforce movement of butchers to a new location. The Bodija Butchers set the police station on fire and set the market in disarray.


Just yesterday, a tanker exploded while traveling along the Odetola Bridge, the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Local media reports that the explosion instantly set over 50 vehicles ablaze while sadly killing several bystanders. Images on social media show massive clouds of black smoke billowing into the sky from vehicles burning on the road.

Many people across the diaspora, including myself, are now left wondering – what can we as the youth and Future of Nigeria do?

Opinions, debates, suggestions, and anger spewed all over social media including questioning the purpose of ASA’s, creating a group to organize a March, and more.

Our heartfelt condolences to those affected this week and beyond. It’s one thing to #PrayForNigeria but there still needs to be action. Do you have suggestions on what we can do to help or get the conversation started? Tweet us @onetribemag

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