Want Some Tea, For The Leaux?

See, usually, this is the type of tea that I receive and calmly sip at the comfort of my living room. But in the spirit of Christmas in July, it is high time I start sharing this hot Ribena with The Tribe.

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Many of us have heard of the brand “For The Leaux” – you know, the brand that claims to be selling us low-cost streetwear but sells sports bra for $30. The brand with a website where 99.9995% of the merchandise is always sold out but the CEO is still organizing a cyber scavenger hunt for you people to get 30% off coupon. The brand that takes 5 months of not sending you your merch and refuses to issue a refund (Yes, this one was my personal experience). Lately, there have been questions on the authenticity of their creative team. To simply put it: For The Leaux are allegedly stealing other’s designs…on the leaux. See what I did there?

Earlier in the summer, ForTheLeaux dropped their “Summer Tees” – a white shirt with Leaux on it using the Super Mario Font. Soon after the drop, PRXNCE, CEO of @CornerStoneLIVE brought up the fact that Victor, Ceo of ForTheLeaux, didn’t only jack that design from him but jacked another design too. Twitter, of course, erupted like a volcano because we love us some new drama on a boring Summer night. After-all, what do you get when 2 Nigerian Texas clout rangers go back and forth – A WAR! Peep the receipts below.

Of course, the Twitter legal team asked questions about if CornerStone copyrighted the designs or if they didn’t steal it from Super Mario Bros. While there was an issue of having proper legalities to back up your brand and businesses, the bigger issue was using other people’s creative ideas for your own profitable gains. Rather than acknowledging his wrongs in the situation, Victor, kept his stance and proclaimed he didn’t steal anything.

If you thought that this 419 allegations are over, well, I am here to tell you that we have another WE DON CATCH AM episode. This Time, Victor allegedly tried to steal from Justice Udenwagu, another creative whom he was allegedly supposed to be partnering up with. According to Justice, He shared his designs with Victor while they were working on a “Leaux Life University”/ Charity Game, but Victor quickly proved to Justice that he wants all the smoke.



This time, your MCM, has receipts to defend himself and show that he did not “steal” the jersey ideas. They, in fact, were planning a charity basketball tournament which brought about the birth of the jersey ideas. Justice, however, didn’t have the money to fund the jersey or the events, so everything fell through on his end. Victor had already sent the designs to his manufacturer and now we are here…in another twitter clout battle.

While I’m not completely sure whether we can say he stole the jersey idea, I have to agree that the recent series of events have proved that there is lack of originality, creativity, and morality among the creative team of this brand. It is disheartening to have to see a brand, we once supported exactly a year ago, continue to caught up in these accusations.

What do you all think? Who is in the right and who is in the wrong? Is it stealing? Can we say that For The Leaux lacks originality and creativity? We will be reaching out to the team to get a response. Stay Tuned.

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Dami Molumo is a Junior Sports Medicine major, Chemitry and African American studies minor at Howard University. Dami was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. At the age of 10, she moved to Maryland, United States, where she currently resides. She recently began documenting her journey on her blog, Blameless Creations. She loves dancing, traveling, self-reflecting, and laughing.

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