New Video: Wale – “Black Bonnie”

Blackness is not a monolith by any means, but there is still a larger narrative to be shared. Wale demonstrates this with his latest music video, Black Bonnie. With the direction of Yasha Gruben, Wale provides us with some Back to the Future vibes by taking us through a travel in time. Wale highlights the variances of Blackness culturally, but also touches on important overarching messages, such as civil rights, and police brutality. Of course he also touches on the beauty of Black love, and the strength and resilience of Black women.

Starting off with vibrant colors, Wale takes us to the beginning days in Africa with his Black Queen. He subsequently takes us to the Black Power movement of the 1970s, the fire hydrant-stoop kid days of the early 90s, and ends it off in a more modern era. Speaking of Black Power, it makes complete sense that he chose Dear White People‘s Ashley Blaine Featherson to be his leading lady.

Take a look below!

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