The ultimate Afrobeats Karaoke event is here! Afro Karaoke is an event sought to be a social experience mixing the fun of karaoke and afrobeats music in a concert setting. The goal is to provide the same experience an artist would have when they’re performing to their fans to our participants who will be performing in front of their peers. This Platform began with a visit by founder, Malachy Okeke, to a karaoke lounge in Nigeria in December 2016. Shocked that karaoke existed in Nigeria, he decided to dive more into curating an experience for the African & the diasporic community. 

On August 31.2018 Afro Karaoke will be hosted in St. Louis, Missouri! This event is something you definitely don’t want to miss. Tickets can be purchased at

Be sure to follow them on their social media platforms @afrokaraoke for more information, see you there!



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