Doja Cat may be cancelled but her father, South African actor and producer, deserves some Accolades

Singer, Doja Cat, is under some fire this week as she is the new victim of “Cancel Culture” over her statements and usage of the word “faggot”. In a recent and now-deleted tweet [seen below], The “Mooo!” singer says that she’s used the word numerous times and didn’t view it as offensive. Of course, right on cue, Twitter dragged her back to the farmlands. 

Since then, there have been arguments over her language, her apology, and whether or not she’s really canceled.

Whew Chile.

Diving deeper into her background (because what else would we be doing on a Wednesday night?), we found out that Doja’s real name is actually Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini and her father is the talented South African actor, film producer, composer, Dumisani Dlamini. You may not recognize him but he plays Crocodile in the film Sarafina starring Whoopi Goldberg. The movie, which was a hit in South Africa, told the story of a young girl being inspired by Nelson Mandela and forming a protest during the Soweto Uprisings in the Apartheid. Dumisani also played the memorable role of Chester on the record-breaking show, Yizo Yizo. He’s also credited for his work on movies like Stander, Operation Delta Force, Homecoming, and Drum starring Taye Diggs. He’s Poppin Poppin.

Eventually, after moving to the U.S. he met and married Deborah Sawyer and had a son and a cow daughter (Doja Cat). He mentioned in a 2017 interview that after 15 years of living in the U.S. he got homesick and had every intention of bringing this family to South Africa with him but it just didn’t work out. Spoken like a true African man. Just like his daughter, Dumisani is no stranger to music as well. Watch him drop some bars in the clip below. (I have no idea what he’s saying though)

On a side note, Doja’s album + tour is actually called “Amala”, could she also have a Nigerian side?? For her sake, I hope not.

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