The 90’s Nollywood aesthetic is so clearly evident in Santi’s new video for “Freaky” featuring BRIDGE and Nonso Amadi. At first glance, you may be thinking “What in the world is going on here” but watch a little longer and you might catch the vibe. From the clothes to the set, everything makes you feel as though a witch from the village was going to appear and plague everyone on-screen at anytime.

Santi, also the director, got the theme perfect for this video all the way down to a “To God Be The Glory” ending credit reminiscent of old Nollywood movies. These horror films were made to teach children and young adults the “right way”, but in hindsight were far too scary for young people. I still have nightmares from movies like The End of the Wicked or the cult classic, Karishika.

The Alte movement of the Nigerian music scene is steady making waves globally with their 90’s inspired style and their desire to stick to one rule when it comes to music, that there are no rules. Shoutout to friend to the Tribe, Jessica, who is also featured in the video. Watch for yourself below!



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