Nvthy drops his new single, “Cool”.

Nathan Shaiyen aka Nvthy is a Nigerian native based in Michigan who is heating things up with the release of his new single, “Cool”, from his debut EP.

Nvthy, a recent Michigan Technological University graduate, has always been fascinated with the ability to create and tell stories. Growing up in Nigeria where creating music wasn’t seen as the right career path to take, he defied expectation by dedicating much of his time to it.

For him rapping is a way in which he tells the story of a young Nigerian boy who made it against all odds. “Knowing that we as humans will not stand the test of time, I have always had the mindset to create something that stands the test of time for generations to come,” he explained.


“Cool” showcases the rapper’s electric personality, it illustrates an artist who is serious about his craft and having a good time. Delivered in a smooth, laid back, confident and almost cocky cadence, this track is a banger.

Listen Below!

The song is available on all music streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and more.


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