10 African-inspired Halloween Costumes

We all know Africans are God’s very own children, and therefore do not participate in such “devilish” rituals as Hollow’s eve. BEHT, on the unlikely chance that one of our own decides to act like a heathen, and are even allowed to participate in this holiday, these are great Halloween costume ideas that allow you to still keep in touch with your culture:


Your local Congolese fashionista

All you need is a nice brightly colored suit, a matching top hat, a swaggy cane, and PROPER alligator shoes.

90’s Nollywood actress

Thin eyebrows, semi-nylon wigs, and colored contacts are the hallmarks of this look.

Wizkid as a present father

Nothing to see here…

Flavour’s dreadlocks

Just wrap yourself in kanekalon and Marley hair to resemble the remaining faux locs holding on for dear life to uncle Flavour’s occipital.

Mami Wata

Or, “the little mermaid” as our ndi ocha counterparts may call it. If that’s too much for you, you can always dress as an African tailor’s favorite clothing style, and accessorize with a fishnet sponge.

Couple costume: Micheal and Angela from 90 day fiance

For Angela’s look, all you need is a blonde wig and an over-sized shirt from your local matronly plus size store. For a Micheal look, wear whatever it is your elderly life partner allows you to wear. But don’t forget your MAGA hat and the handkerchief that you will inevitably need when the love of your life is sweating you #IdeedtheBJ. Alternatively, y’all could just wear matching Ankara fits or whatever.

African uncles once they hit 40

You’ll need those infamous uncle sandals, a large enough belly for you to rest your hands on, a signature dance, and a cool bottle of Heineken in hand. Just so you can achieve that casual, perpetually at a cookout look.

Gospel Singer

All you really need is a modest church outfit, an iconic headwear, and you’re good to go! Soooomeborry shout HALLELU!

African dictator

Once you dress like one, you kinda dress like them all. *We advise not to try this if you reside in the same country of said dictator.*

No effort group costumes: Sauti Sol and Styl Plus

Round up ya homeboys, pick a color scheme, and hit a lil’ East African harmonization when asked what y’all are dressed up as. If your squad is only 3 folk deep then consider dressing as Nigerian uncle boy-band Styl Plus. Might want to practice your, “Olufumi ooo” croons beforehand.

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