A Conversation With Amarachi Nwosu on the Return of Melanin Unscripted

Last year, multi-hyphenate, Amarachi Nwosu, blew our minds with her short film documentary, Black in Tokyo. This documentary was launched through her platform, Melanin Unscripted. Through Melanin Unscripted, Nwosu went on to host an array of events, one being a panel in Lagos, Nigeria called “Exposing New Narratives,” discussing topics surrounding innovation and progressive strides of the creative industry throughout Africa and the world. Melanin Unscripted is back from its hiatus bringing us more diverse and incredible content.

Photo courtesy of Amarachi Nwosu

Melanin Unscripted is a dynamic media platform and digital agency founded by Amarachi Nwosu. Blurring the lines, Melanin Unscripted seeks to uncover the unscripted, real life perspectives of people all over the world, while simultaneously inspiring people to pursue their passions through various facets. Its sole aim is to expose complex identities and cultures through curated visual content such as Melanin Stories, podcasts and events.

Nwosu sees the power in our identities and understands how culture is influenced by them. So it is of no surprise, that Melanin Unscripted reveals the intersectionality of humanity across the globe.

I spoke with Amarachi Nwosu about Melanin Unscripted’s goal to shape culture and break barriers through its media platform and digital agency.

Crystal Anokam for ONETRIBEMAG: What’s the story behind Melanin Unscripted? What made you start it?

Amarachi Nwosu: Honestly, I was motivated by my own frustration with mainstream media. I got tired of seeing the same stories recycled, so instead of allowing myself to be upset with the inaction of others, I made conscious effort to act on it myself. Now we function as a media platform producing content from around the world and as a creative agency working to connect brands with innovative artists and storytellers.

From the Exposing New Narratives panel in Lagos Nigeria. (From left to right) Adebayo Okelawal, Grace Ladoja, Amarachi Nwosu, Reni Folawylo, and Maleek Berry. Photo courtesy of Amarachi Nwosu.

With the newest podcast series, what do you hope listeners will gain from it?
Diverse perspectives. Everyone has a unique story and experiences that can be valuable to others and I want to give people access to people I consider innovators, who are pushing boundaries. While there is an abundance of content in the world, there’s still not enough that gives young artist valuable information on self understanding, ownership and ways to build and grow a brand. This podcast intends to change that.

We have voices from legendary photographers like Chi Modu to Models and activist like Ebonee Davis and Former NFL Player and animator Martellus Bennett and more.

Listen below to the inaugural episode of the Melanin Unscripted podcast featuring Ebonee Davis.

What lessons have you learned from Melanin Unscripted?
Patience. So much patience. Most of this content I shot over 3 years ago and the other half between 2017-2018. It’s taught me to give myself time to grow and develop. It also taught me that real stories stand the test of time. Rather than thinking about how many times I’m posting, I try to focus on the value of the content i’m putting out. It’s an everyday commitment, but it’s so worth being able to see your visions manifest.

From the Exposing New Narratives Panel in Lagos Nigeria. Photo courtesy of Amarachi Nwosu

What sets Melanin stories apart from the others?
By using Melanin to connect rather than disconnect us as humans. Everyone has melanin of some form and without it we wouldn’t be the people we are. I’m documenting people of different walks of life and identities on the things that inspire them, the things that scare them and showing people at their core on a human level. Unlike the other stories, it focuses on one figure for each episode and takes you through a day in the life and mind of them. You get to travel and meet a new person and be inspired by their story in one short visual.

Watch the Melanin Stories trailer below:

What can we look forward to with Melanin Unscripted?
Ground breaking narratives. Next year we are releasing content from places like Lagos, Seoul and Paris. A lot of video content and also events! While we focus on media, we also have some exciting events that we are curating in the last quarter and early next year! Be on the watch! Big tings coming.

Check out everything Melanin Unscripted through their Website: Melanin Unscripted, and be sure to follow on Instagram

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Crystal Anokam is a Nigerian-American portrait photographer and writer based in Philadelphia, PA. Crystal's work resolves around themes of blackness, identity and community. She is dedicated to capturing authentic narratives that transcend time, connect with people and move culture forward.

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