Uchemba is taking her talents to music with the release of her debut single, “Eziokwu”

Uchemba has been the talk of the town for quite some time now, from everything she does with her fitness program, her cooking tutorials, video vixen, but most of all…her photos. If there was ever an IG model awards, Uchemba would sweep most categories. Followed by almost 1 million people, Uchemba (and her body) is the envy of some women, and desired by most men. However, after hearing her voice numerous times on her social media, many people have had pretty hilarious negative things to say about it. These days she hardly talks on her IG or Snap anymore but simply put, her regular talking voice isn’t what you would expect. Regardless of this uphill battle, she has taken the plunge and decided to pursue music. Knowing that people would judge before even hearing the song, she deserves some respect. However, this change of gears could either be good or very…very bad for her. She has been teasing “Eziokwu” for almost a month now and it’s finally out. The song is produced by Spellz so I was already expecting the beat to be quality. To be extremely honest, after a couple listens, this song isn’t bad, at all. Her voice is heavily layered with autotune, she has a nice melody, and the song is carefully engineered so her vocals matches the beat. With good promotion and a quality video, Uchemba may have a banger on her hands.


But don’t take my word on it, close your eyes and open your eyes and check out the track below and let us know what you think on twitter!

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