New to the arena of menswear fashion that targets Africans, enters UKOO Studios. UKOO meaning clan in Swahili makes an ode to the history, lineage, and ancestry of African tribes.

Created by Will Edem (Nigerian-American) and Mike Wamungu (Congolese-American) and see “UKOO Studios as an extensive study of culture — and those who shape it — expressed in textile form. We believe storytelling has the power to move minds, shift attitudes, and build bridges. That in each of us lies the ability to move mountains. Provoke culture. Ignite change.”

With this being their first introduction to the market “The line explores themes of consciousness, exploration, self, and community manifested into utilitarian silhouettes and dynamic textures meant to communicate the intricacies of the human condition.”

Look out for more from UKOO Studios as Collections are sold in limited runs!



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