CJ Obima & KingPaul depict the generational divide between Nigerian parents and the youth in their new short film.

MC of life, CJ Obima, and comedian and social media personality, King Paul, have joined forced and created something we didn’t see coming – yet almost everyone has experienced. Their short film, Creativity Ceased By Culture shows not only a different side to the duo’s talents but also delivers a message that many of us can relate to. The film is about the ongoing issue between the youth pursuing their creative dreams while trying to please our parents who want us to become lawyers, engineers, doctors, etc. We reached out to King Paul to find out more about the inspiration behind the project:

“I decided to make this short film to speak for those (rising high school seniors & current college students) who are scared to speak to their parents for themselves. This film is very personal to me. I’ve had the idea written down since last July but I decided to make it now because my cousin went to school for photography & her father disowned her. She’s since graduated and just got booked to take pictures for the Queen of England and she’s been all over British news for it and now all of a sudden, my Uncle [her father] wants to start posting her all over Facebook and acting like he was supporting her since day one. I don’t like that & I don’t like how we (African kids) let our parents dictate what we do & talk down on our dreams, but start to praise us once they see us succeeding doing something that they deemed as an inadequate career choice.”

Watch the video below!

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