Women to Watch: Comedian, Gabrielle Simo


A Cameroonian project coordinator and comedian from Irving, TX, Gabrielle is a mighty woman who uses satire as commentary on all things people, fashion, relationships, and life. Read below to learn more about her.

Where are you from?

Born in Irving, Texas–raised in Cameroon 

What is your ethnicity?

I’m African-American, but I honestly identify as just being African. Since I was raised and schooled there I definitely identify that as being my home. 

Do you speak other languages?

Pigin-English, and a bit of French.

How did you get into comedy?

I honestly don’t know! My family and friends have always referred to me as being “foolish,” “silly.”… I think I never really “got into” comedy but without knowing I’ve always been a “comedian.” My idleness and pressure from friends really birthed my whole “getting into comedy.” I figured, why not?

What inspires your satire? 

The everyday foolishness of human beings..haha.

People are so obsessed with living lives beyond their means. Buying things they can’t afford. Engaging in fashion trends that are way out of their league. Lordt, the list goes on. The obsession for clout in this day and age is ridiculous! But beyond that–it’s hilarious! I LOVE SEEING CONFIDENT PEOPLE (especially when I don’t necessarily agree). People inspire my satire. I talk about everyday experiences that I KNOW  people can relate to. Either they’ve done it, experienced  it, or they know someone who has. 

What shows are you watching right now?

Friends from College. Funniest show ever!

With a little splash of Grown-ish and Black-ish.

What do you do when you are not working?

I plan vacations that I may or may not ever go on. I fill my online shopping carts with clothes and shoes that I may or may not buy….I brunch(!), wine with friends and produce fashion shows. 

What is one thing you hope for your people?

That we may find peace in our country and learn to live together in unity. 

Also, that we may be more aggressive in showing the world our talents. 

What artist/creator do you look up to the most and why?

This is cliche…but Rihanna.

She just possesses this carefree air about her. She truly isn’t bothered by the outside world–in fact, she doesn’t care about life. Her entire attitude in itself is a trend, a vibe. She inspires me to be unique and to live and work at my own life’s pace.

Do you have an alter ego, and do they help you with what you do?

Lol, of course- I have two.  

Slayyyesha–she’s my diva. She helps me demand what I know I deserve. She’s my inner bougie queen. The one whose eyebrows are always on fleek, nails done, hair did. She’s basically a celebrity. She helps me to elevate my confidence when i’m feeling down. She promotes self-care and self love cause Slayyyesha is an independent woman. Slayyyesha is the baddie I believe everyone possesses.

Then there’s Kimberly (pronounced Kim-BALLY). She’s my inner village girl. She’s extremely foolish, no filter and extremely “primitive.” She says everything on her mind! She actually helps me come up with a lot of my material for my It Costs Money videos. She doesn’t know how to act, she’s like 10 years behind on all fashion trends. She has a very blind sense of confidence! Always ready to talk about people’s mess without looking at her own life! KimBALLY is just a trip!

Describe the first time you realized that language/words had power?

When I discovered my love for music. I was very young, like maybe 8 or 9. I was obsessed with Kanye, India Arie, Bob Marley–a lot of soulful artists. The fact that a song could send me into all of these emotional places. One song made you cry, another made you laugh… another made you feel like a bad bitch. I think after I discovered music, I knew that words were powerful. I felt an emotional attachment to songs that weren’t even in a language that I understood. If that’s not power then I don’t know what  is.

 How can people follow your work?

MY INSTAGRAM! @Gabbirouxx  This is where I post my videos and majority of  my content. 

My twitter: Gabbirouxx

Written by:

Ebe is a freelance writer from Lagos, Nigeria, currently lives in Austin, TX.

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