Prettyboy D-O Breaks Down ​his New Music Video “Pull Up” Feat. Santi

Everything Pretty, Prettyboy D-O’s debut album/mixtape (depending on who you’re asking), was a scene-stealing body of work in 2018’s ever-evolving Nigerian music scene. 2018 was a year full of a myriad of interesting releases along with an expansion of experimental sounds, so standing out in the midst of all of this is no small feat. Everything Pretty is a kaleidoscope of sounds, deftly weaving in various sounds and influences–culminating in something that does not even sound entirely earthly at times. In the middle of all this is “Pull Up,” a standout, energy-shifting track at the center of this scene-stealing record. After the eye-catching teaser clips for “Pull Up”‘s music video quickly became a topic of discussion on social media, we decided to contact Prettyboy D-O (via email*) to get some insight on the brand new music video.

Where was the music video shot?

The video was shot in the Trade Fair Complex, Iju, Lagos.

Are there any particular symbols in the video that you would like to point out?

As for symbols not really. When my tape dropped my fans spoke about how it made them feel like carrying cutlasses and drinking beer, basically expressing grittiness. We tried to put some in those gritty elements in the video”

What was the inspiration behind the video treatment for “Pull Up?” What were your thoughts on some of the pushback that video’s teaser clip received on social media?

Pull Up is a record that embodies a lot of gritty and raw emotion, the emotion my fans tend to identify with. It’s a confrontational record and the video had to depict the exact vibe of the record. With my art, I always strive to convey the apt messaging with sonic and visual representation so the video was meant to be grimy & confrontational. The kickback online was not entirely surprising and not unwelcome either. The visuals are buzz worthy. The lyrics of the record are intimidating, the kickback speaks to the strength of the visuals and that is satisfying to me. Art is meant to gain reaction, and it got a whole lot of it.

Art is meant to gain reaction

Watch the stark visuals for “Pull Up” below and let us know what you think!

*Interview has been edited and formated for clarity.

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