Davina Oriakhi Reveals the Inspiration Behind her New Collaboration with Preyé “Bang The Drum”

Davina Oriakhi and Preyé are awesome at creating soulful music that fills the spirit of their listeners. With solid vocal skills and powerful lyrics, they successfully leave listeners with messages that linger long after the beat stops. The duo collaborated earlier on “Vanity” about a year ago which passed across a strong message on what is perceived as the worthless pleasures of life. “Bang the Drum” is a soulful duet which uses the duo’s melodic vocals to pass across a call to combat. A message of consciousness and liberation against forms of oppression that affect the mind, body, and soul is sung about in this duet. We reached out to Davina Oriakhi to enlighten us on the inspirations that shaped this powerful tune and she had a lot to tell us:

   From my understanding of the song, it gives a strong vibe of a liberation message. What was/were the inspiration(s) behind this?

I wrote the song back in 2017. During that time (still going through that now actually), I was reading up a lot on Pan-Africanism, African History, the oppression of the Black race, Feminism as it concerns the Black female, Christianity before Catholicism, the Ancient Jews and how the tribes are scattered across the world including Africa. I was also watching a lot of videos of Akala (A British rapper, historian, activist and author) and I was in a space where the words just came to me, while I was on a swing.

I brought the song in it’s raw form to Preyé and we decided to collaborate on it and bring it to life. 6 months or so after that, we brought it to Nosa Apollo to produce. This was approximately a month after we released our first collaboration “Vanity”

Davina also revealed to us the artists that inspired the single and some more about her counterpart, Preyé :

Musically, I was very inspired by Damian Marley and Michael Jackson. Preyé did the vocal production–she’s a beast with harmonies and melody. She was inspired by theatrical and cinematic experiences when it comes to composition. We envisioned film and Broadway sonic, basically.

 Listen and Stream the single on all platforms Here

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