It’s Greaze Szn – Skepta drops new music.

Grime vet, Skepta, is finally ready to deliver another album since his last project, Vicious EP, back in 2017. After deleting all of his Instagram pictures, he of course then announced a new album, Ignorance is Bliss, to be released on the 31st of May. Last night, he released the first two tracks from the album, “Bullet From A Gun” and “Greaze Mode” featuring Nafe Smallz. Skepta’s core fans should be rejoicing as these tracks are reminiscent of his “old” sound on Konnichiwa. He caught a lot of flack under the release of “Hypocrisy” on the 2017 Ep, with fans claiming he changed to be more western trap and mainstream as you can see by the arguments in the comment section if you dig deep enough.

Well with these new releases, it seems like he’s going back to his roots but on an elevated level. You can trust on him to still rep Nigeria in his bars as he references palm wine and pepper soup in “Greaze mode”. On the same song, he refers to himself as “River’s Dad” and in the album cover, there’s an image of him holding a baby. In track #2, he says “All I know is there’s no better feeling than getting home and seeing my little girl”. He may have just announced that he had a child!

Listen to new tracks below!

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