Budding US-Based Afrobeats sensation Kobi Jonz drops “GIVE” with DJ Boat

Kobi Jonz & DJ boAT premiere “GIVE”, an amalgamation of the current Ghanaian and Nigerian sounds that are flooding all the Afro airwaves. Kobi Jonz is a Houston based by way of Lagos, Nigeria up and coming artist who has the potential to be the next big thing in the US Afrobeats scene. While the US Afrobeats scene is still taking shape, Jonz & DJ boAT provide the vibes necessary for any party to take off. Produced by David Meli, the “traditional inspired drum rhythms and bass guitar featured in the backbeat and synthetic chords cushioning Kobi’s distinct vocals–as good a vibe to start to the summer release season as any.”

Daniel Okobi, better known as Kobi Jonz, describes his musical style as “conscious dance music”. Simply stated, you’ll feel the groove on the floor and you’ll actually ponder the depth of the lyrics. Feel-good music with a positive message! His interest and love for music developed over time and became a serious effort while at Covenant University in Nigeria.  Kobi Jonz has been dropping music since 2009 and even released a banger with Falzthebahdguy in 2016 titled, “Paddle“. He also dropped a video titled “Take Over” that premiered on SoundCity TV in 2013. So, he’s not a novice to the music game at all. Since immigrating to the US, Kobi Jonz founded his own music label, WeWoke Music Group, and dropped the Xylem EP that has amassed over 1.5 million streams with the lead single “O Gbono” alone in 2018.  As you can see, Kobi Jonz is very talented and destined for greatness.

DJ boAT is a Ghanaian DJ & Afrobeats influencer residing in the US who has collaborated with Kobi Jonz before on a track called “Conscious“. DJ boAT does not describe himself as a DJ or a producer but as a “purpose driven individual with a goal to change Western Perspective of Africa through Afrobeats, African Music and Entertainment.” DJ boAT has had a penchant for African music since his early childhood days growing up with his grandmother in their small village in Ghana. That passion led to him becoming a popular DJ for the African community at Cornell University and now the founder & CEO of “begAfrica, LLC.”, holding company that includes a record label, consulting firm and other entertainment companies. Watch out for an EP from the pair coming out later this year. Until then, enjoy the new exclusive track “GIVE” by DJ boAT & Kobi Jonz below!



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