We Everywhere: Restaurants of the African Diaspora

I don’t know about you, but it’s starting to feel like summer is winding down which means last minute trips before school starts and taking advantage of boozy restaurant patio brunches. I personally still have two or three trips left for my summer so i’m researching all the places I could get my grub on. If you are going anywhere in the African diaspora, do consider some of these highly praised restaurants around the world.

African Queen–Frankfurt, Germany (Eritrean)

According to Tripadvisor.com, this spot is ranks #12 of 2,854 Restaurants in Frankfurt. Known for its coffee ceremonies and affordable prices ($), the restaurant has family-style, vegetarian friendly, Eritrean food that the whole crew could enjoy.

via. frankfurthotspots.com

Website: http://african-queen-restaurant.de/

Momo Restaurant–London, UK (Moroccan)

This one is a bit expensive ($$$) but the reviews rave on and on about the ambiance and the afternoon tea. Family dinner will take you back about £60 but it will also afford you your choice of the house special or virgin cocktail.

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Website: https://momo.london/#

Acarajé e Delicias de Bahia–Sao Paulo, Brazil (Brazilian)

While researching for this post, I found this restaurant ($$) and translated the name into Google translate and I was shocked, Acarajé is actually akara! A Brazilian speciality hailing from the Yoruba influence of West Africa, the dish is the staple of this restaurant usually fried in palm oil and stuffed with shrimp. If you find yourself in Sao Paulo this summer, stop by this restaurant and leave a comment below on your experience.

via. acarajeedeliciasdabahia.com

Website: http://www.acarajeedeliciasdabahia.com.br/cardapio/

La Mulata, Cartagena, Colombia (Caribbean)

The interior is known for its quirky objects and re-purposed household decorations, this restaurant specializes in Caribbean seafood dishes and refreshing drinks for it’s customers. At reasonable prices ($$) and such high ratings on Google, it could be worth the trip.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/restaurantelamulata/

The Village Idiot–Cape Town, South Africa (South African)

In my research I found about about a South African cultural phenomenon called braai. This is essentially a social gathering around a wood-burning grill that chars meats from warthog to shrimp over a fire. This restaurant aims to bring that to life everyday with their menu. Now braai’s are usually byob but don’t worry yourself with all that, they have a drink menu longer than their food menu ($$).

Website: http://thefirmct.co.za/the-village-idiot

Carnivore–Nairobi, Kenya (East African)

Vegans, close your eyes. The afrocentric medieval style banquet hall boasts itself as a “Beast of a Feast” ($$). I will admit, this restaurant comes off quite touristy. They roast beef, ostrich, crocodile, and other assortment of meats on a Maasai sword over a coal pit, but it has thousands of positive reviews on Google. Even if you go to the Carnivore and just order a soup and salad, at least feast your eyes on the literal feeding frenzy the reviewers claim to take part in.

via. tamarind.co.ke

Website: https://tamarind.co.ke/index.php

Irie Foods–Christ Church, Barbados (Jamaican)

Not to be confused with the Irie Foods in Canada (although they both serve Jamaican cuisine, maybe it’s a chain?? If you know, let me know!). They are known for their authentic menu ($$) full of jerked meats, meat patties, ackee, and salt fish. Ackee is a lychee type fruit that grows in tropical regions.

via. diningwithus.net

Website: n/a

Crabs n’ Tings–Nessau, The Bahamas (Bahamian)

When an eatery by the ocean and on a beach (Junkanoo Beach to be exact) has no website but hundreds of positive ratings on Tripadvisor.com, I take that a good sign. Their menu seems simple enough, things like fresh fish, crab, and young coconut water, but it’s that beautiful location right by the clear blue water that lands this restaurant on this list. Considered a local gem to some, this may be worth the trip!

Website: n/a

Amarachi–Brooklyn, New York (West African)

With a menu made up of popular Nigerian and Caribbean entrees, the restaurant hosts relaxing events for locals and travelers like brunch and ladies nights. What I love the most about this spot is they have a 24/7 radio stream that plays afrobeats, hip hop, RnB, dancehall, reggae, and soca online https://streaming.radio.co/sc8a96d8c2/listen. In my opinion, food pairs best with music, so on my next trip to the Big Apple I may just stop by. Have you ever been before? Let me know what to expect.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dine_amarachi/?hl=en

Honorable mention: Jolly Jolly Bakery–Houston, TX (West African)

I know, a bakery, possibly the last thing you would think would make a list like this but this place offers all the small chops your heart could want. They make meat pie, sausage roll, scotch egg, but nothing compares to their Jolly Jolly bread which is a sweet yeast bread you will want to eat by itself all in one sitting. Just saying.

Website: n/a

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Ebe is a freelance writer from Lagos, Nigeria, currently lives in Austin, TX.

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