Tech Prodigy, Iddris Sandu, Defends His Credibility

Depending on where your interest lies, you may or may not be familiar with 22-year old Ghanaian tech genius, Iddris Sandu. He has been touted as the future of technology, developing code for the likes of Uber, Twitter, and Instagram. He’s been spotted with Jaden Smith, Kanye West, and even transformed the late Nipsey Hussle’s The Marathon Store into a smart tech experiential store.

Recently Forbes put out a now-deleted article about the tech prodigy and all the wonderful things he has done (allegedly) but was soon after called out by Lex Alexander (@TheLexTimes) on twitter for his coding credentials and achievements. Lex is a self-taught coder and software engineer for Ticketmaster. 


With Lex making many claims about Iddris and then recanting once he himself has done more research just raises a couple of questions… 

  1. Why wait until now to call out Iddris?
  2. Why call out Iddris when he is in Ghana buying land to start and create a tech building?
  3. As a self-taught coder, why call out another self-taught coder for his achievements?

What we do know is that Forbes has taken their article down and have yet to see any statements from the major tech companies discrediting Iddris.

It’s very strange the timing of these events and the motive. In this new era of cancel culture, calling people out, and fact-checking it seems that even with more good work of people actually doing something, those that seem to be on the sideline will try and discredit you. 

Iddris responses to the speculation backs up his accomplishments but also provide clarity on what was actually done (by him):


What do we learn from Sandu’s response? 

In the world of tech, things that are built are not always used by the company. Sandu’s age was a concern for a lot of the projects he worked on. Haters are gonna hate but documenting your accomplishments is key in today’s world. Being young and black in America is hard to navigate. At the core, there are better ways to inquire about someone’s resume than twitter.

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