We talk to Afrobeats-R&B Artist, OG, about his recent Music Video to “Innocent Pleasure”

Meet Ayobamidele Fagbolu, also known as OG. Dele is an artist from the Central Valley of California who fuses Afrobeats and R&B to create music that resonates with him and anyone that rocks with it. He has recently blessed the internet with a music video to his newest single “Innocent Pleasure“, expressing his appreciation and love for women. Check out our interview with the creative to learn more about him, his journey, and the influences that play a role in the art he creates today.

Who exactly is OG?

“OG is a creator. A young man living his life truthfully as he wants to. I first started going by OG back in 2015 when me and my bros first really linked up. We all bonded through our love for art. At the time we were figuring out what we would call ourselves collectively, and we agreed on BAND. BAND was a term that I originated a couple years prior so I went by OG BANDBOY amongst my bros because of that. That’s why my social media handle is @ogbandboy. I later would shorten it to OG when I started doing music and since then it continues to reveal a deeper meaning for me as time progresses.”

How did you get into music?

“In 2010 at the age of 14, I was part of this group called aRT at my family church. I’d say that was my first encounter with recording music. Then I stopped 2 years later because I was feeling like “yeah I have this talent, but it doesn’t feel fulfilling for me.” I was making music for other people instead of myself. Fast forward to 2016 after linking with my bros, I gained so much inspiration just being around my guys and of course, grew as an individual and made my first project OG BLVD.”

Who are your songs for?

“My music is a marriage of Afrobeat and R&B because those are the two main genres I grew up on. My songs are for me and anyone else that hears and feels me, it’s for them too. I don’t aim to push what I make down anyone’s being. I just create what I love and the people that gravitate towards it are the ones that I know truly rock with me.” 

As a creative in the African Diaspora, how have your experiences influenced what and how you create?

“For me, I speak from my own personal perspective and journey. I feel that is the only way I can make pure content. I lived in Nigeria for some time and that was one of the most pivotal moments in my life. It woke me up to who I am and who I could be. Now it’s just to live it.”

In August, you dropped a music video for your single Innocent Pleasure. Tell us about the inspiration behind the song. What do you want your audience to take from it?

“Innocent Pleasure is basically about my appreciation for women. Like I said before I create my music for me and from own perspective… and from my own perspective, women are amazing on many levels. Outside of that, I also make a point to let the audience know that this is how I feel. That doesn’t mean that you now have to live how I live or feel how I feel. At the end of the day, you have to be you. Be true to you, honor how you feel and move accordingly.  Otherwise you could end up trying to handle things in the world outside of you, meanwhile, you can’t even handle yourself. The chaos within you becomes the chaos you project around you. That’s a mess. So I encourage people to follow the good feeling and be honest in the process. Any moment that a bad feeling comes around honor it for what it is: you don’t like it. And if you don’t want to live a life you don’t like, then don’t do the things you don’t like, especially your thoughts.”

Dropping a music video is a big deal! What can we expect to see from you next?

“Yeah, I’m definitely grateful for the opportunity to do what I love and want to do. It is an honor. Expect more of me doing what I love! Anything you see me put out you can trust that it came from a loving place.”

How can we stay up to date with all things OG?

“You could follow me on Instagram, that’s the one social media that I’m most active on right now. I have a link on there that will give you access to all my stuff. The handle is @ogbandboy. You can follow me on Twitter with the same handle as well but I don’t post on Twitter as much as I do Instagram. If more people follow Twitter though, then I’ll step it up. All my music is everywhere, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, all that. I have music videos out as well, you can type “Innocent Pleasure OG” in on Youtube and you will find my channel and the video to Innocent Pleasure.”

OG – Innocent Pleasure

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