Shot and Chopped: TG Omori’s Rise as One of Nigeria’s Prominent Music Video Directors

 24-year-old film director, TG Omori has directed some of Nigeria’s most prominent music videos of 2019. From Olamide’s “Oil and Gas, Tekno’s “Agege, Ycee’s “My Side, to Timaya’s “Stoopid and Niara Marley’s “Am I a Yahoo Boy , he has been nothing short of consistent with his visuals. In an exclusive interview with Onetribe, it’s evident he’s a man of few words but he touched on his goals and life journey to becoming one of the most sought out Film Maker/Director in Nigeria today. He also shared his creative process flow and how blessed this year has been for him to be able to work with some of the biggest names in the music business. Read below!

How and why did you start creating videos?
I started making videos from the early age of 16 but took it up professionally at age 18, after I was done with film school. I ventured into music video directing because I was a rapper in between this period when I was making viral video contents for friends. I had a strong love for acting, thinking of creative ideas and bringing them to life, my first love was acting though but after a stressful chase to break into the movie industry as a teen actor seemed impossible, I thought I try my hands in directing to add value to my creative. Then I started learning cinematography and editing on youtube and had to rent cameras to practice with my friends who did rap music. From there I got offers to direct standard budget videos.

What were you doing before videos?

I honestly was a wayward child. 

When did you get your first big break as a director?

Well, I had different levels of big breaks in my career. First was in 2015 when I shot my first video that made it on television. The second was in 2018 when I directed Ycee’s “My Side” video. May 2019 was the climax when I shot the most controversial video in Nigeria at the time Naira Marley’s “Am I a Yahoo Boy“.

Who would you say influenced or inspired you as a director and why?

The street, the struggle/lifestyle in Africa, the happiness and the beautiful faces inspired and still inspires me. 

A lot of people don’t know what being a “director” is or what comes with the title. What would you say your responsibilities are from the start to end of creating a video?

Clinical Delivery is the details from pre-production to post has to be treated carefully and waywardly.

Have you already delved into or plan to direct movies?

Yeah if I get a good check, I sure will.

One of the biggest records to drop this year is “Soapy” by Naira Marley. Tell us how that concept of the video came about?

Well, it was easy for me. Just wanted to recreate Naira Marley’s darkest days in prison and still make it interesting and fun. Like giving him a birthday party in prison majorly cause he was arrested on his birthday.

Out of all the music videos you have directed, which would you say would be in your top 3 favorites?

All are my favorites honestly. But if I had to pick I’d say Yung-L’s “AYE”, Naira Marley’s “Soapy” and Olamide’s “Oil & Gas'”

As a director, have there been times when you had an idea of a particular video but the artist didn’t agree? How do you resolve situations like that?

Well, I have been quite lucky to have had clients or artist who trust my creative powers, never really had an artist turning down my ideas.

TG-Omori On Set

Who would you like to work with?

J Hus most definitely.

Do you feel like directors get enough credit for their work?

Yeah, I do. Based on my experiences, I can say all clients I had the opportunity to work with have been doing a great job. 

What do you think about the music scene right now?

It’s growing rapidly. The world is coming to Africa so I think it’s a wonderful time to be alive.

You recently tweeted out that a lot of youth are hitting you up for advice on how to get into videography and that you’re thinking of starting a workshop. Is that something you’re going to pursue?

Yeah, my team and I are working on that and we will announce a date soon so be on the lookout.

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