The Grass is Greener On Stage: Re-Up Nelson’s Live Shows Are Unforgettable.

Every now and then, you find an artist who’s music either speaks to you, appeals to you, or you simply enjoy. You decide to take your hard-earned money to pay for said artist’s concert and you find that their live performance is a screaming match vs the speakers or an audience karaoke night where the crowd does all the singing (Relax Davido fans, this is not about him). This is not the case for one of DMV’s finest, Re-Up Nelson. Far from it. This Nigerian born artist recently (and finally) dropped his project, Don’t Walk Over Green Gardens, and it has created a buzz for him like never before. Thankfully this momentum isn’t going to waste, as he’s putting it all on the line during his live performances, from performing at Rolling Loud (twice), opening up for American rapper, Key!, and of course, his own sold-out headlining concert just a few weeks ago.

After his project dropped, he quickly put together a show for friends, family, and friends to watch him perform. Not only was it sold out and over-capacity, to his surprise there was still a huge line of people waiting outside. Inside, however, was nothing but energy. Running through songs like “Wishlist” and “Cynfani” for the crowd to catch the vibe, then completely turn up with tracks like “Miami Lavender” and fan favorite, “In the Rain”, it makes you wonder, is it his setlist that’s genius or did he create this album solely for the purpose of performing — or both?

Last night, at the same venue, he opened up for one of his favorite rappers, Key!. This time, it was fewer friends and less family, but he most definitely gained new fans. Fresh off from performing at Rolling Loud Oakland, Re-Up didn’t miss a step, with an unmatched stage presence and crowd interaction. This, of course, wasn’t without mosh pits, stage dives, occasional water throwing from long-time collaborator, Black Ranger. This resulted in the crowd chanting “one more song” at the end of this set. Following his high octane performance, you could hear people in the crowd commenting “wow, that was amazing“, “who is he?“. With this positive traction, it wouldn’t surprise me if his recent tweet manifested into reality.

Do yourself a favor, check out his album below, and don’t miss his next show!

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