5 things we learned from “A Good Time” talk with Davido

Melanin Unscripted Founder, Amarachi Nwosu, curated a conversation with Davido at Columbia University’s African Student Association to discuss his newly released A Good Time album and using music as a vessel to shape the image of Africa and how the world sees the continent. If you’ve heard the album, this conversational piece helps provide a lot of context about songs on the album and how the project came about. From his introduction into music to his friendship with Atlanta rapper Gunna, and even his thoughts on politics, Davido touched on a lot of topics that he usually doesn’t dive too deep about (props to Amarachi has a moderator for bringing it out of him). Here are 5 things we learned from the convo!

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Davido may be bringing Chris Brown to Nigeria for Christmas

On being the bridge to connect people back to Africa, Davido recalls that this year is the Year of Return and with social media on the forefront, people can see for themselves there are beautiful places in Africa and not just what you see on the news. Around the 11:25 mark, he mentions that because of the popularity of events like Afronation, numerous artists are looking to perform in Africa. He name drops Cardi B performing in Nigeria soon and then says “This Christmas I’m taking Chris to Nigeria”. My money is that the “Chris” he’s referring to is his new friend, Breezy himself.

He wants to set up producer camps

When asked about how he picks producers to work with, Davido says “It’s not about names, it’s about what the person is playing”. He mentions that he has never even met the producer that made the “1 Milli” beat from his album. One of the things he wants to do is to help young producers work with a lot of artists that they may not be able to reach on their own. Elaborating on that, his idea includes flying them out to a studio surrounded by just producers and artists, and just make music – much like J. Cole’s Dreamville sessions. Much needed for young African Creatives. 

He recorded his album in at least 5 different countries

On the creation of his album, Davido comments about why it is called A Good Time: primarily because his life at this time, including his family, fiance, and newborn son, is all at a good place. He then says he recorded it London, Ghana, Lagos, U.S., Dubai, wanting to just get a different mindset and feeling for the sound of the album. It definitely shows as you go through the project.

He wants to open up a media house like Tyler Perry’s Studio

OBO was asked “How do you want to be remembered?” and after a brief pause, he answered that he just wants to do his part to change the culture and help other people. He says he wants to open up a media house and supply thousands of creative jobs in Nigeria. 

He’s going to be in a Hollywood movie in 2020

Around the 30:30 mark, he elaborates on what he has planned next and briefly mentions that he’s going to be a Hollywood movie next year. I have a feeling it might be that sequel to Coming to America.

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