IKEY drops a conversational piece in the form of his new music video, “Akata”.

Friend of the tribe, IKEY, formerly known as Ike da Kid, is finally gearing up to release a brand new album this year, and it’s only right that he sparks the new year off with a little bit of controversy. If you aren’t familiar with Ike’s music, he’s very big on fusing his Nigerian heritage with his songs. It’s no surprise here that he’s setting the tone, tackling an issue that has plagued the African community for years now – the use of the term “akata”. Many people, both Africans and Americans alike, have their own definition and opinions of what the word means and how it’s used but one thing’s for sure, it is the source of many played out twitter thread arguments on the timeline.

Ikey, however, is taking a different approach. Being a first-generation American-Nigerian and growing up in the states, he sees a little bit of himself in both sides of the diaspora. Though the chorus says, “Stay away from the Akata”, it’s actually words from his mom warning him not to hang with all “the gangstas, hustlers, and killers”, until he eventually found himself in that very crowd. *Cue in Harvey Dent*

Speaking of Villans, Ikey had the following to say to a couple of ignorant folks in his Instagram comments:

To provide further context, this song is actually part of a much larger film Ikey has been working on for some times and expands on this topic a lot further but you didn’t hear that from me. Anywho, the song itself is masterfully done, produced by Blvck Rose and the video is shot by Richy Guzman. Ikey continues to display excellent song making ability, meaningful lyrics and, musical composition (that breakdown at the end deserves endless repeats).

Watch the video below!

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