Artist On The Rise: Jean Feier

It’s proving to be a difficult task boxing artists and pinpointing the genre they fall under these days. This is a good problem to have as music has evolved in so many ways and has given way for many young artists.

Jean Feier is one of these artists. Unapologetic about exploring and experimenting with different sounds. The first track that caught my attention is “You Are“, produced by Yusei. She starts the verse with the words “I wish you, I wish you would hold me. Drive away the lonely…

What inspired “You Are”?

Jean: “You Are” was written after I got my heart broken and met someone who was truly worth it. He didn’t play games and wasn’t trying to be for everybody.

Jean Feier was born in Germany and spent her childhood immersed in different sounds and cultures. Pursuing a career in music was a natural progression, as she got her start as 9-year-old songwriter. She sang in her church choir and performed in school plays during her early life.

In 2010,  she moved to London after living in Accra for 3 years, to continue her education. Experimenting with recording herself before her first professional recording sessions in London, her sound was unique and raw from the beginning.

She joined the collective known as Kings Capital Music Group (KCMG) in 2012 which was a group of independent artists pursuing creative freedom. She released her first project, a 6 track Extended Play titled 93MChild in November 2014. 

Her first performance after establishing herself as a recording artist was on the Vodafone X stage during their university tour launch. Her performance at Hyde Park in London was followed by an appearance at the MTV Base Awards in Durban, South Africa. After a Europe tour, Jean Feier refocused on songwriting. 

Currently, she is working on a body of work while releasing music to give her audience the chance to stay connected to the evolution of her sound.

Can we expect visuals to accompany the music?

Jean: I am working on creating visuals. I am trying to create something unique, and it’s been a long process.

Good Love is officially out. Following the release of Save Yourself ft B4Bonah and Finally Home on the last couple Sunday’s for my Our Day series (new music on Sunday’s). This is a West meets South sound composition produced by NLMGNM.

Are there any Artists or Producers you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Jean: I want to work with Mike Dean, Pharrell, Timberland, Tame Impala and Bree Runway. That’s it for now. They bring so much extra energy to the table it blows my mind. Wizkid has always been a favorite and Tems gives me butterflies.

We made this record from scratch fusing Afro beats with my alternative style and a little South African inspired feel. It sounds fresh and intimate, just how I like it. – Jean on Good love

Any upcoming projects we can look forward to?

Jean: I am working on a few projects. I do a lot of writing as well and love adding to other artist’s soundscape. I have this thing where I want to collect genres like infinity stones almost so my listeners can come to me for anything. Like, I GOT YOU. Don’t worry. Lol. I love music too much to not mix it up. I think they are catching on though, and they love it. I just want to keep growing with them.

Jean is an artist on the rise, and one to pay close attention to. Check out more music from her here:


Instagram: @jeanfeier

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A South African Content/Music Curator and Photographer.

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