Fashion with purpose: Bougroug, a Scandi-Moroccan fashion brand honoring empowerment and craftsmanship

These days in the media all we’ve been hearing about is “Birkin bag this, and Birkin bag that.” Now don’t get me wrong, Birkin bags are nice and all but let’s keep it real, not only are they not easily accessible to the general public, but the recent hype around the brand further perpetuates the notion people (specifically black people) can’t be “fashionable” if they aren’t wearing name brands. The truth is, there are a lot of quality black-owned (extra emphasis on the BLACK OWNED) bag designers out there and as black people it’s important we show them just as much love and hype as we do for European luxury brands!

Allow me to introduce you to one right now. Bougroug is a genderless contemporary fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brand established in 2016 by designer and creative director Anwar Bougroug. They offer everything from handmade fashion jewelry, leather bags, and home dècor. The brand’s products are handmade in Morocco by skilled artisans using age-old techniques and skills passed down to them by their ancestors. It’s Morocco’s bohemian spirit blended with Scandinavian functionality and a sense of style that inspired Anwar Bougroug to create a brand with variety but also with purpose. Bougroug is a brand that strongly stands for gender, racial, and sexual equality with a goal to create collections of exquisite quality that can stand the test of time. The brand also commits to empowering the artisanal community that they work with by paying fair wages, ensuring a decent work environment, and skill acquisition programs. Bougroug has started movement in Africa and the Middle East as it gives young people the confidence to fully be themselves all while embracing their unique and luxurious style. The brand and the purpose behind it have made Anwar a Forbes Africa 30 under 30 alumni for 2020 as the brand continues to break barriers to push Africa forward.

“my brand has become a movement in Africa and the Middle East, and it gives young people the confidence they need to be themselves unconditionally, especially in countries where people are oppressed and controlled, and where individuality often might get you in trouble.”

– Anwar Bougroug

We love to see our African brothers and sisters from around the globe pushing the continent forward by breaking barriers for the generations to come.

For more on Bougroug, Be sure to check out their website: and follow them on Instagram: @bougroug

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