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Woman Crush Everyday.

In a world where women of all creed, color and religion are subject to the patriarchal standards of society, I don’t...

Our 8 Memorable Moments of 2018

2018 is coming to a nigh close, and we must admit, it has been eventful. It's been filled with memorable wins, losses, culture-defining moments and an abundance of tea. So, let's take a little memory lane ride down some of the most memorable moments of 2018

10 African-inspired Halloween Costumes

We all know Africans are God's very own children, and therefore do not participate in such devilish rituals as Hollow's eve. BEHT, on the unlikely chance that one of our own decides to act as a heathen, and are even allowed to participate in this holiday, these are great halloween costume ideas that allow you to still keep in touch with your culture

U.S. and Canadian Nationals Freed after Kidnapping in Nigeria

ABUJA, Nigeria - UPDATE: The two American and two Canadian citizens who were recently kidnapped in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna Tuesday night have...

Africanist Podcast x OTM Editorial

By Endurance NWeke For the past year my mantra has been “my black is beautiful," a constant echo to myself that all that I am,...

A Very Nollywood Christmas

The holidays are infamous for a variety of things - gifts, decorations, peppermint flavored everything, Mariah Carey's career resurgence, and marathons upon marathons of Christmas movie classics. Now, Nollywood doesn't really have any Christmas classics so we decided to re-imagine some American classics with some of our fave Nollywood actors. Here's what a very Nollywood Christmas would look like

10 Nollywood Classics to Watch on Halloween

Even though all Africans are children of God and do not partake in the demonic festivity known as Halloween, we have to admit that in Nollywood's quest to herald Christianity, they've created some classic horror films. So, here are 10 Nollywood classics to watch on Halloween

10 Reasons To Go Back To Africa

From declaring nuclear war with North Korea to being affiliated with white supremacists and his general crime of being in existence, Donald Trump is...