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Interview with Youtube Sensation, Cindyrella OG.

Cindy Nwachukwu aka Cindyrella OG is one of the most entertaining youtubers around. With over 4 million views on her channel, there must be...

Hear It Fresh Through The Grapevine: Ashley Akunna

With over 20,000 subscribers and averaging over 60,000 views per video, The Grapevine has been an online success story that centers a panelists of black millennials and their varying thoughts on polarizing topics. Topics range from relationship, to race, to gender identity, and beyond. Behind the ever-growing success of the show is none other than the creator of the show - Ashley Akunna

TribeTalk with Andy Amadi & DJ Matthews of BKChatLDN

2017 must be the year of the web-series. Everyday, there's a new youtube series popping up and lets be honest, most of it stems from...

Must See African Youtubers

 African YouTubers have taken vlogging to another level. Here are some of them you should definitely check out !   1 . NISSY TEE Nissy Tee This U.K...

25 Most Entertaining BK Chat London YouTube Comments

The Show You Love To Hate