African Parents and #BlackLivesMatter

One of our favorite internet cousins, Evelyn, is back with a hard-hitting video on a subject you may have had with your parents (or tried to avoid). Defining an identity in America has its complexities as its sometimes difficult to find that balance in African and American cultures.

The video is about the Black Lives Matter movement and how African Americans are viewed in the media. Evelyn created this video a year ago, (don’t judge her she creates content when she wants, she will not kill her for you oh #AfricanTime) for YouTube’s #CreatorForChange program that is a year-long program where YouTubers create a major project and use their voice, channel or platforms to drive social change in global communities.


Evelyn also provides a part two with more insight from First generation Americans to build more context into this subject of how Africans and African America see each other and share their experiences in these kinda hectic times of being black in America.

We want to know, have you had this conversation with your parents? Is this a conversation that you’d like to have with your parents but just don’t know where to start? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss how we can educate each other to grow.


Check out Evelyn’s thoughts on Black Panther for more!

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