Hello Marvel, I hope you are reading this because The Internet wants what it wants, when it wants it!

Millions of people are gathered together in anticipation of the upcoming Marvel Studios Movie: Black Panther. This movie is extremely significant to both the film industry and American History, as race conflicts are still prominent in our society. So, as a black person, when you see a movie FOR colored BY colored people WITH colored people, you can’t help but go crazy.

“African Twitter” has been itching to see the movie, not only because it looks iconic, but also because of the attire they want to wear to go see it. From dashikis, to kente cloths, to full on agbadas, the discussion on what the official attire for this celebration has been perpetual since the drop of the first trailer.

Yesterday, it seems the lightbulb finally turned and we have reached our moment of epiphany. WHAT IF WE ALL WORE OUR MIZIZI JERSEYS TO SEE BLACK PANTHERS?! MIZIZI is a lifestyle brand that specializes in producing jerseys to represent both African and Caribbean countries, features an Afro-LatinX collection, and multiple Black Lives Matter Jerseys.

A few people decided that they will, in fact, be wearing their MIZIZI jerseys to see the movie, but some of us want a little bit more than that: A Wakanda Jersey. Twitter is calling for a collaboration between Marvel and Mizizi to give us this EYE-CONIC jersey. It seems MIZIZI’s founder and CEO, Paakow Essandoh, is also a fan of the collab as he tweeted it would be “live for the culture.”

Personally, I do hope that Marvel and MIZIZI are currently discussing this possible collaboration. It is only right that for a movie so significantly embedded in the culture, we adopt the vision of “aso-ebi” and have an official uniformed attire for the culture.

So Marvel and MIZIZI, what are you waiting for? You have just a little over a month to deliver this greatness!


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