Watch: Young Entreprenuer Ify Ufele’s new Ford Commercial

Egypt Ify Ufele recently caught my attention on my tv screen when I glanced up and saw her featured in the new Ford Explorer commercial. After doing some research I learned that Ify Ufele is a 12-year-old entrepreneur. Two years ago  at the fresh young age of 10, she launched Bully Chasers, a charity created to help others, in response to bullying that she had faced from her peers due to her weight. She learned how to sew from her grandmother, noticed a lack of fashionable clothing in her size and with that knowledge went on to create her fashion brand, ChubiiLine, geared towards people of all sizes and featuring African prints. In 2016, ChubiiLine was showcased at Small Boutique Fashion Week during NYFW and has since then reportedly secured manufacturing deals for her line. Watch her new Ford Explorer commercial and 2016 fashion show below and get ready to feel inspired.


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