Kech Vibes’ new EP, “WAV.”, is a must-listen.

Ikechi, known by her stage name – Kech Vibes, is a 24-year-old Nigerian-American singer-songwriter/entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA … and she might have just released one of the best EPs of the year. WAV. is a satisfying breath of fresh air. Clocking in at just under 25 minutes, she manages to create the perfect blend of an R&B/Hip Hop – Soul sound, layered with amazing vocals, melodic hooks, and really introspective lyrics that will make you replay each song over and over again (its “Next To You” for me).

She isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to giving her audience a look into her story either. On standout tracks like “Piece of Mind”, she offers a snapshot of her life from having low confidence in high school to her uncertainty of getting married. The production on this EP is not only outstanding but it provides the perfect background music for your whole day inside quarantine.

This project also features an excerpt from Tamika Mallory’s speech regarding the passing of George Floyd on “Motions (interlude)” and soulful backgrounds from Kech’s college friend, singer/songwriter Chris Pree on the final track, “Butterflies”. What more can you ask for?

WAV. is beautifully tied together by Matthew Sean Herring, who mixed the project in totality, with co-production by Ian Michael on the intro track, “No feelings”. The project couldn’t be the masterpiece it is without the live instrumentation + synths provided by guitarist, luxe. wav, as well as jazzy sentiments, heard on “Next To You” by King Oliver Trumpet.

She can sing, she can rap, she can do it all. I’m officially a fan of Kech Vibes and looking forward to the trajectory of her promising music career!

Enjoy the project below!

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