East Africa Meets Miami: Hoosh releases new track – “Nights”

Sudanese singer/songwriter Hoosh, based in Miami, releases his highly anticipated single, “Nights” – A record that truly encapsulates East-African soulfulness with a hint of Miami’s ambiance. An intimate recollection of the mechanisms he uses to cope with his problems, Hoosh paints a vivid picture of our endless pursuit for wholeness through self-debilitating means. Seeking relief through inebriation, he details his self-deprecating nature knowing these solutions are only temporary fixes for a much larger problem.

Littered with dreamy guitar licks and ambient percussion, Hoosh taps his manager Mido and frequent collaborator Stevie Marcs to produce the acoustic track. “Nights” maintains a balance of minimalism and intricacy that truly allows his raspy vocals and raw emotion to cut through. With this single being the first internally produced song by his imprint ‘gone till never’, this track truly exhibits his potential reach and longevity within the industry.

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