New Artist Spotlight: BeastOnDBeat

Azizz Olalekan Akinsola, better known as BeastOnDBeat is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from the North Side of Chicago. Azizz started out doing music in 2012 with a small group of childhood friends. He has since made a mark on the North Side of Chicago and amongst the local youth. He wants to spread his sound around the city and eventually around the country.

Versatility is one of Azizz’ main qualities, with his sound ranging from Afro-Fusion to R&B, to Dancehall and so on–with a particular affinity for alternative R&B. He gains inspiration from different genres of music and life encounters. Azizz is also slowly making a name for himself as a “ladies man” with songs like, “Chocolateyand Tsunami.

His most recent work includes, “Deserve” from his upcoming EP, “Alesha’s Interlude” and a feature on RAB’s “Bedroom Bully.” Azizz also dropped an EP last summer fittingly named, Till the Summer which gained some support on airwaves in Nigeria as well as gaining traction with the youth of Chicago .

Azizz is planning to soon release another EP called Mood. According to Azizz the upcoming project was inspired by love and aims to set a different mood with each song. With his lyrics and his melodic voice BeastOnDBeat will be one to try and keep your eyes on. You can follow Azizz aka BeastOnDBeat on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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