5 African Fashionistas Taking Streetwear to New Levels

Streetwear continues to intertwine itself into the very fabric of culture in the states and continues to grow in the African diaspora. Fashion, style, and clothing are forms of self-expression and an extension of self. Clothes are used as a nonverbal form of communication that can be influenced by your upbringing, location, tastes, and so much more.

With the ascent that streetwear is on and the rise of African culture in the western world, we decided to take a look at some women that are killing the game and becoming hypebabes in a world of hypebeasts.

Sandra Lambeck

Influencer and actress Sandra Lambeck (Ghanaian), serves versatility–from sneakers, heels, hoodies, to oversized tees, and more. Sandra simply doesn’t miss. She embodies streetwear with a twist. As many women can relate to her journey of finding her self confidence while being in the public eye, she has used her strengths and passions to create her own fashion show as part of Berlin’s Fashion Week.



Cynthia Nyongesa

Aptly self-titled, The African Unicorn, Cynthia Nyongesa (Kenyan) uses vibrant colors as her muse. Energetic in her approach, Cynthia uses colored walls as her backdrop to showcase her talents in fashion, photography, and design. Cynthia has also showcased her skills with the likes of CNN, Buzzfeed, Essence Magazine, and more.



Tizita Balemlay

Talented, ambitious, creative, driven are just a few words to describe Tizita Balemlay (Ethiopian), better known as “@ThePlugsDaughterr” on Instagram. Starting her brand and then creating a warehouse/studio to help others start their brand is impressive. Tizita provides an edge to streetwear, similar to the edge that women like Rihanna and Yemi Alade provide in their respective lanes. Tizita’s work is so identifiable, that fast fashion brands like Fashion Nova and Prettylittlethings have allegedly attempted to copy her work.


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Clarie Ateku

A self-professed serial networker, Claire Ateku (Kenyan), brings a serene yet impactful vibe to streetwear. Balancing a laidback sense of style alongside street fashion, Claire can deliver captivating looks. Using her skills to connect the dots throughout the diaspora, she has been featured by brands such as MIZIZI, Popcaven, and Amplify Africa.

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Jess Chibueze

Model, podcaster, and influencer, Jess Chibueze (Nigerian), has a radiance about herself juxtaposed against her harder streetwear looks. Her style is a mix of femininity, androgyny, sprinkled with a slight edge, a giant dab of accessories, all soaked in Nigerian influences. Whether it’s being tapped for Nike collaborations or just walking through the streets of Lagos, you feel her vibrations of life and living it to the fullest.





As fashion continues to evolve, the hope is that these women’s voices in the space will rise. Paving a path knowingly or unknowingly of what African inspired streetwear and fashion, in general, can look like. As their Instagram pages are only a glimpse into this space, it only speaks to the possibilities of what’s to come.

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