Our 8 Memorable Moments of 2018

2018 is coming to a nigh close, and we must admit, it has been eventful. It’s been filled with memorable wins, losses, culture-defining moments and an abundance of tea. So, let’s take a little memory lane ride down some of the most memorable moments of 2018:

1. Black Panther

Can you believe this movie came out just this year? It seems like so long ago. The long-awaited blockbuster film was an absolute highlight of 2018. It featured father-son South African duo, John and Atandwa Kani, and a myriad of talents spanning the diaspora. The film was regularly acclaimed for its seamless amalgamation of various African cultures, its characterization of female characters, and not to mention all the badass pictures, and costumes it inspired. Now with everyone stamping “Wakanda” on everything, it’s getting a bit irate.

2. Peace in the Horn of Africa

2018 saw the monumental peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea after years of continued tension following the Eritrean-Ethiopian War.  The Algiers Agreement, which described the conditions of a peace agreement between the two nations, had originally been established since 2000. Yet, it wasn’t till this year that the new prime minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, officially agreed to the terms of the agreement. Here’s to more peaceful and prosperous relations between African nations!

3. Nike x Super Eagles World Cup Kit

This year felt so long that I almost forgot that we had a whole World Cup. This was the second time, in a row, that Satan himself sent the Argentinian soccer team to dull Naija’s shine. However, before that unfortunate moment, the trendy Nike x Super Eagles collaboration broke records for how quickly the kit sold out. Nigerians, and non-Nigerians alike, were scattering like rats to procure their own copy, and 419er designers not unexpectedly took advantage of this opportunity.

4. Everywhere Stew

Uncle Whiskey’s name seemed to consistently be in the headlines this year. From his participation in the Nigerian World Cup kit campaign, to him selling out the O2 arena, and even to the news of his deadbeat father status. Yet, the news that seemed to trend the most was about the assumed relationship between him and Tiwa Savage – based on their rather comfortable stances in his Fever music video.

5. Ebony Reigns

2018 unfortunately took some precious gems from the world. Ghanaian dancehall and afrobeats musician, Ebony Reigns, was especially known for her hit songs Kupe and Poison, but also, her unbelievable talent. There’s no doubt that she was well on her way to stardom till she was involved in a fatal car accident in February. May she rest in perfect peace.

6. Malian Spider Man

In truly heroic fashion, Mamadou Gassama (a Malian immigrant) had quickly scaled a four-story building to save a child who was hanging from a balcony. Many people and organizations were so impressed by his selflessness and heroism that Mamadou was granted French citizenship, awarded a BET Humanitarian Award, and now has a newfound career as a firefighter.

7. Michael and Angela

This year also brought us the ultimate #couplegoals. Featured on 90 Day Fiance, Michael and Angela have continuously redefined the meaning of luffnwantintin. Despite their age and cultural differences, Michael and Angela have dealt with their obstacles head-on, and have shown a commitment to American citizenship LOVE, that is truly unfounded. We had previously thought things were over between the couple when Angela had become understandably irate after Micheal called her an, “elder” but recent photographs indicate otherwise. In more recent sightings, Angela has been seen sporting a fashionable shuku – a cultural hairstyle that Micheal’s ethnic group is known for. This only further indicates Angela embracing her fiance’s culture, and the continual burning of the flames of love.

8. Who Runs the World?

This year was a historical year for female leadership in Africa, and the diaspora. We saw the ascension of the first female president in Trinidad and Tobago – Paula Mae Weekes, the first female prime minister of Barbados – Mia Amor Mottley, and the first female president of Ethiopia – Sahle Work Zewde.

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