After coming off of the 85 to Africa tour with Jidenna, Atlanta-born Nigerian artist, Kelechi returns to the scene with an afropop tinged anthem single, “Waiting For You.” The single marks a pivot in sound and narrative for Kelechi, as it serves as an ode to what the tour represented for him as an artist as well as a person. 

Photo courtesy of the artist

Reflecting on his music journey thus far, Kelechi says: 

“I’ve been releasing music for 7 years without some major ‘viral’ moment. When you’re at it for that long, a lot of negative thoughts can settle in. ‘Am I doing this for no reason? Do people care?’ Tour showed me that there’s no substitute for getting in a room with a person and performing the song to them. That’s how you make fans. I just needed the opportunity to do that consistently. All this internet stuff is internet stuff. The success I’d been waiting for was waiting for me the whole time.”

There is no doubt that Kelechi believes in himself and is pursuing his passion relentlessly! We expect more good tunes from Kelechi as his highly anticipated Going Home EP is slated to be released later this year. 

Listen below and stream “Waiting For You” on all platforms here.


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